This taskforce welcomes teachers and educational staff to contribute and engage in G20 educational policies that will ensure equitable access to quality early childhood education (ECE). Integrating international dimensions into the existing learning environment and adapting them to the globalized and digitalized work environment is a key goal of this taskforce.

Taskforce PriorityTaskforce Policy Recommendations
Provision of effective ECE programs should be delivered by highly qualified, trained and supported ECE personnel as ILO policy guidelines on ECE personnel 2013 requiresPromote key education policy priorities and create a global impact on vital issues within the global engagement process.
Use of IT in teaching and learning can support and stimulate growth and learning experience for young children, especially in the times of the pandemic.Promote access to quality education as a human right to advance human capabilities, as well as foster inclusive, prosperous and peaceful societies.
Raise the status of ECE educators and their working conditions.Promote technology inclusive teaching methods.
Provide quality training, support and continuous professional development for ECE educators.
Adopt an intersectoral approach to ensure quality in ECE.
Wellbeing of students and teachers is now acknowledged as of crucial importance.
Promote the EI/UNESCO framework of professional standards, true professional collaboration.
Lead the achievement of SDG 4 including by hiring millions of new teachers.

Education Task Force

Dr.David Edwards

Dr.David Edwards

Task Force Leader

General Secretary of Education International

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