L20 ongoing initiative (opportunity of work)

As per the discussion during the L20 the protecting of all worker and opportunity of work to everyone, especially workers in poor countries.We got some feedback, about depriving some workers of the opportunity to work outside their countries, which complicates them with the added opportunities.

The initiative urges countries to take measures to lift negative practices carried out by agencies and offices of employment abroad such as exploiting labor by imposing huge sums that the workers are forced to pay, or imposing restrictions on them that prevent them from the freedom of movement of workers who wish to work Outside their countries. The initiative includes affirming the freedom of movement of workers wishing to work outside their countries in accordance with basic labor standards and bilateral agreements between countries and making the necessary facilities without any illegal restrictions. This will support workers by providing job opportunities, limits the spread of global unemployment and ensures the right to work, provided that there are regulations and social protection programs to guarantee the rights of workers in countries hosting temporary migrant workers.