Eliminating discrimination against women and youth in terms of educational, political, social, and economic and health status is necessary. Women still face a gender pay gap, lower levels of participation in the labor markets, a glass ceiling and sticky floor effects. Women juggle many responsibilities as caregivers and as professionals; and yet they face workplace challenges and often have no option but to accept informal jobs, lower wages, precarious work, as well as facing violence and harassment at the workplace.

Similarly, Youth face job scarcity, and especially a lack of decent work. Those young people who found a job are facing exploitation in the workplace through cash in hand arrangements, informal work and exclusion from social security, unpaid internships, underpayment, and often harassment. Young workers tend to be deprived of employment protections and rights, and their financial vulnerability increases the chance they would not stand up to rights violations. Women and youth are more probable to meet obstacles in organizing in unions.

This taskforce is driving a clear commitment towards decent work, promoting equal pay for work of equal value, and support the transition from the informal to formal work. Addressing inequalities between men, women and youth is important to allow women and youth to realize their full potential. Eliminating discrimination is a fundamental driver of global economic development and social justice. The taskforce aims at aligning G20 action with the Sustainable Development Goal 8 and the L20 recommendations to promote gender equality in the workplace and in employment, and youth prosperity.

Taskforce PriorityTaskforce Policy Recommendations
Strategic input to national and global policy dialogues and planning on Just Transition.Ensure gender equality at the workplace and in the labor market.
Ensuring that women workers enjoy all labor rights in law and in practice.Ensure the prospects of young people.
Advancing gender equality in the workplace, in remuneration, training and promotions, and increasing access to employment.Revisiting anti-discrimination measurements against women in the workplace .
Eliminating violence and harassment against women and men in the workplace.Advocating developing youth skills and quality job opportunities.
Eliminating discrimination against women.Developing communicative pathways with the future generations, and empower young people’s representation and voice.
Focus includes increasing access to quality job opportunities.Better preparing youth for transitions to work.

Women and Youth Empowerment Task Force

Ms.Hanan Al-Nowaiser

Ms.Hanan Al-Nowaiser

Task Force Leader

Chairman of The Saudi Investment Bank Workers‘ Committee and member of the National Committee for Workers’ Committees

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